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Juneteenth Unity Games What to Bring


As we all know, if you have ever been in Texas during the summer months, this Texas heat does not come to play! Keep that in mind when packing for this fun day in the park. We’ve added some suggestions for things to bring in bold below.


There are a few benches in the concessions area and under the pavilion, however, no other seating is provided. It may be helpful to bring along your own lawn chairs and/or blankets for a place to rest and relax throughout the day. An umbrella for shade may also come in handy. You could also pitch a small canopy tent (nothing that pokes holes in the ground or over 10 feet) along the perimeter of the field if it suits you. Small card tables are also welcomed. Since this is an outdoor event we urge everyone to please wear sunscreen. Hats, visors and sunglasses are also encouraged. Each guest is allowed to bring with them two sealed water bottles. You can purchase water and Gatorade at the snack bar as well as food and beverages from one of the food vendors. Wear comfortable, breathable clothes and shoes. You can bring a pair of flip flops to change into after your events are over. A towel to stay dry and bug spray may also be useful. And if you are like me a fanny pack or small over the shoulder bag is a must. That way you can keep everything with you as you move around hands free. Don’t forget any personal items specific to you and your family members you may need for a full day of activities in the sun. Most importantly remember to pack your ticket or save it to your phone. You will need that to receive your wristband.


Come prepared to have a great time!

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