Juneteenth Unity Games Unleash Your Inner Child
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Kids Playing Tug of War


Juneteenth Unity Games Potato Sack Race


Juneteenth Unity Games Ski Walk Relay


Sports Practice



Flip cup relay


3 players from each team will line up behind the starting line. The remaining players will line up on the opposite side of the field across from the starting 3. The first runners will spin as fast as they can for 10 seconds and then run to the opposite end of the field staying in their lanes. When they reach the other end they will tag their teammates who will spin and run to the opposite side. This continues until all 6 teammates have a turn. The 1st team to have all 6 players complete the run WINS!

Participants put both feet in the sack and begin hopping toward the next participant in the relay. Contestants must keep both feet in the sack and at least one hand on it at all times. The potato sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and should not fall below the knee. The first team to have all team members hop the full length, WINS.

The objective of the game is for each team to work together pulling a rope with the opposing team pulling against them until one team causes the other to cross the centerline. The team to accomplish this wins the game. 

3 players will go at a time. Each team member will put one foot on each wooden board and use the rope to help them walk as fast as they can to the other side of the field where the other 3 team members will be waiting. When the 1st group reaches the 2nd group they will hand the skis over to them and the 2nd group will walk as fast as they can to the other side of the field to the finish line. The 1st team to cross WINS.

Each team will have 3 players on each side of the playing field. The first player will start by running 10 yards and through agility rings, then jumprope through the next 10 yards to the 3rd and final challenge. They will walk or run as fast as they can while balancing a frisbee on a pool noodle. The player will hand the pool noodle to the 2nd player who will then walk/run back towards the starting line balancing the frisbee, jumprope, run back through the pool noodle tires. This repeats until all 6 players has a turn. The first team to finish WINS. 

Each member will line up in front of the obstacle course. The first person will run through the course, as they come out they will then run to the table to flip the red solo cup. Once the cup is flipped, the next person will run through. The first team to successfully flip all the cups, WINS.

Each team must consist of 6 – 10 participants.

Each game will require 6 players. You can have up to 10 players.


There is no required gender ratio, but Co-Ed teams are strongly encouraged.


Team members must be at least 16 years of age.


Have a theme or wear matching t-shirts or colors

While your team does not have to have an elaborate theme, we do ask all team members to match in some way so that each team can be distinguished from other teams.


Check-in for teams begins at 2 pm. All teams must be checked in by 3 pm.

Gates open at 11am for general admission.


Each player must acknowledge that they have read the legal polices and terms before purchasing a ticket.

If you didn't come with a team to compete in the Unity Games but would still like to join the fun; don't worry, there is an opportunity for everyone to unleash their inner child!



Game Truck

Giant Connect Four

Giant Cup Pong

Mega Jenga

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

Musical Rings

Red Light, Green Light

Head, Shoulders, Knees &



Domino Tournament

Spades Tournament


Face Painting

Inflatable Play 

Games with Prizes

African American Kids Dancing