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The Games

Doodle Relay

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Three Challenge





Rock, Paper Scissors Jump

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Warp Speed


Minute to Win it


Each team lines up behind its hands and feet hopscotch mat. The first player completes the mat by matching the hands and feet patterns. When they are done they will run to the drawing easel and roll a number on the dice, telling them what to draw. After they have finished drawing they will run back to tag the next person in line. Each player will repeat this until the drawing is finished. If the player rolls a number on the dice that's already been drawn, they will continue rolling until they get a number that hasn't been rolled. The first team to complete the drawing WINS! 

The teams will all line up at the starting line. The first pair will race toward the cone. Once they reach the cone they switch positions and head back toward the start line. When they cross the line they will sit and the next pair will go. The first team to have all their players seated WINS!

Each team will have 3 players on each side of the playing field. The first player will kick a ball around cones for 10 yards, then jump rope through the next 10 yards to the 3rd and final challenge. They will walk or run as fast as they can while balancing a frisbee on a pool noodle. The player will hand the pool noodle to the 2nd player and then sit. The 2nd player will walk/run back towards the starting line balancing the frisbee, jump rope, then kick the ball around the cones. This repeats until all 6 players have a turn. The first team to have all players seated WINS! 

The teams will line up on opposite ends of the agility rings. When the ref says GO the first players will jump using both feet through the rings, trying to get as close as they can to the opposite side. When the two players from each team meet they will play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner keeps jumping forward and the loser runs back to the back of their team's line. The next player jumps forward to meet the player of the other team to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The first team to get a player over to the opposite side WINS!

Two teams will go head to head at a time. Each player will hit the lights as they flash as fast as they can. After each player has gone, the score from each of them will be tallied. The team with the highest score WINS!

These six minute-to-win-it challenges will be announced at the event. 

Each team must consist of 6 participants.

Each game will require 6 players. You can have up to 10 players.


There is no required gender ratio, but Co-Ed teams are strongly encouraged.


Team members must be at least 16 years of age.


Have a theme or wear matching t-shirts or colors

While your team does not have to have an elaborate theme, we do ask all team members to match in some way so that each team can be distinguished from other teams.


Check-in for teams begins at 2 pm.

All teams must be checked in by 3:30 pm.

Gates open at 3 pm for general admission.

If you didn't come with a team to compete in the Unity Games but would still like to join the fun; don't worry, there is an opportunity for everyone to unleash their inner child!



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